..A band dedicated to making music we believe in. We began working together in Brooklyn, NY in the summer of 2012. Our debut album was recorded, co-produced and mixed by grammy award winning engineer Jim Scott. 




Vocals, Guitar, Piano - Justin King
Bass - Mark Kiesinger
Drums - AJ Jump


Additional Members:

Pedal Steel - Jon Graboff

Trombone - Robert Donnelly

Trumpet - Ian Schaefer

Sax - John Liotta






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King Radio

by King Radio

Management: Gary Waldman gary@morebarn.com 

Publicity: Brendan Gilmartin brendan@chartroommedia.com

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King Radio

King Radio is northern soul with gritty elements of country, folk, bluegrass and rock n roll  compressing bristling energy, smoldering emotionalism and clear-eyed lyrics into an original distillation of timeless American music.


“King Radio sing sweet Soul music as they suggest you go out and find yourself a soul….specifically one that can understand yours. Get the piece in place, and sing along with the Brooklyn band as life starts to move towards “Alright”.”  - The Alternate Root
"King’s soulful conviction in his music makes him an illustrious storyteller, putting the listener right in the middle of the song. Like when they played the powerful, post-war “The Valley”, the lyrics and music placed everyone in the building, including those behind the bar and working the door, at a standstill, gripped by every word." - Live Music NYC
“I have several bands that come to mind when I listen to this new album by King Radio….the imaginative music by this collective on this autumn day is soul enriching. Singer-songwriter-guitar virtuoso Justin King has just the right timbre in his voice to lend these songs much anticipation. A former war photographer embedded twice with the US Military in Iraq and other zones -- King has written an album filled with songs that reflect some of those personal experiences.” - Bluegrass Situation
“Friday’s show was further proof that King Radio has the songs and the talent – and that will be solidified when the album is released.  All that’s left for this group is for the business side of the music business to do its work, and we all know how that can go.  But even though we’re talking about a new band with just one album, and an unreleased one atthat, under its belt, any discussion of potential is past-due – King Radio has already arrived.” - Highway 81 Revisited